The ROK Token sales purpose

Rockchain is raising at least 18,000* ETH to finance the AGATE Essentials Edition. If this amount is not raised, contributors will get the option to take their ETH back and be fully reimbursed for a 45 days period.


If sufficient amount of ETH are raised, the financing of other Editions (ONYX or PERIDOT) might occur. The Rockchain team will prioritize the ONYX Edition over the PERIDOT Edition should the amount of ETH raised allow only one of the two.


The full scope of Rockchain platform features (AGATE + ONYX + PERIDOT) requires 100,000* ETH to be raised; if that amount is reached the token sale would stop.

*The amount of ETH is based on the initial rate 350 USD per Ethereum described on our white paper and updated 48H before the start of the crowdsale.

Characteristics of ROK Token smart contract 


The token sold during the token launch is known as the Rockchain Token, or ROK. This is the only time that these tokens can be created, and therefore the total supply of ROK is fixed to 100,000,000. The ROK token is defined with 18 decimals at token launch.

The smart contract has the following features:

  • Issue the ROK tokens, fully compliant with the ERC20 standard
  • Implements the token distribution as described in the white paper
  • Allows funding in Ether
  • Allows full traceability of the contributions being in ETH and the corresponding ROK
  • Funds are saved in a multisig wallet (3/5)
  • Contributors protection in case where the mincap 18,000 ETH is not reached with a refund period of 45 days
  • ROK Tokens will be claimed from the contributers at the end of the crowdsale
  • Contributors who purchase more than 3 ETH of ROK tokens have to sign up on to provide informations and be listed on the KYClist that allow them to claim their ROK Tokens at the end of the crowdsale (here)
  • Contributors who purchase less than 3 ETH of ROK tokens can buy directly using the address rockchain.eth, but we would appreciate if they could let us know their emails using our online form “Less than 3 ETH ROK token buyers: please register in the ROK Token buyers club” (here)

Crowdsale process

We will publish the address of the smart contract exclusively on our dedicated web page

Moreover, United States and China citizens are excluded and they will be automatically redirected to the website home page.

The Crowdsale Contract is created with the following parameters:

  • Start/end date addressed in epoch timestamp,
  • Bonus periods,
  • Several addresses for token recipient (team & bounty),
  • Escrow multisig wallet to receive the amount of ETH collected,
  • ETH/ROK rate representing the corresponding ROK amount per Ether,
  • The ETH/ROK is fixed to 1000 ROK per ETH
  • KYClist to allow contributors to claim their ROK tokens at the end of the crowdsale. Only for those who have contributed more than 3 ETH.

During the crowdsale duration 30 days, contributors can exclusively contribute by sending ETH to the crowdsale contract address. The smart contract records each address contribution and calculate automatically the allocated ROK Tokens.

The base price is 1000 ROK/ETH fixed for an initial ETH value to 350 USD. A special bonus is calculated: 10% the first 5 days, 5% the next 5 days.

If the minimun funding goal (18 000 ether) is not reached contributors can demand a refund over 45 days and keep their ROK Tokens as a gift for their contribution :

  • Backer call the “refund” function of the Crowdsale contract
  • Backer call the “withdrawPayments” function of the Crowdsale contract to get a refund in ETH

Or demand a partial refund over 45 days :

  • Backer call the “partialRefund” function of the Crowdsale contract with the partial amount of ETH to be refunded (value will be provided in WEI)
  • Backer call the “withdrawPayments” function of the Crowdsale contract to get a partial refund in ETH

Moreover, ROK Tokens will be distributed and could be claimed whatever the result of the crowdsale is because our product is backed already with some clients.

Please send ETH contributions only through your full wallet and don’t use exchanges or third-party services to receive your ROK Tokens or your ETH tokens in case of refund!

The crowdsale ends as soon as the maximum amount of ROK Tokens (80,000,000) or the ends date (11:00 UTC – 1st December 2017) are reached.

After the crowdsale:

  • ROK Token are sent to team and bounty addresses.
  • Unsold ROK tokens are burnt and the max token supply is adjusted accordingly.
  • Contributors will claim their ROK Tokens whatever the result of the crowdsale is. In case of the min cap is not reached they have the possibility to fully/partially refund their ETH.