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Cryptography, Quantum computing and a Gourmet analogy

In Rockchain, we’re using a technique called “Cut and Choose” to prevent malicious actors to alter a javascript code execution in our distributed javascript engine. The Cut and Choose is a technique to statically prove a remote party is honest. […]

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Anyone can be an Oracle

Oracles provide trusted datasources for the public blockchain. A good introduction on the subject is available here. Oraclize is using the TLSNotary proof (stored on the IPFS public network) to prove that the data provided to the smart contract comes […]

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The Honest ICO Manifesto

The current ICO market is booming, and due diligence practices are missing. Investors are rushing on new ICOs which often put artificial pressure on investors to buy fast, allow funders to retrieve their tokens too early in the project, don’t […]

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A new breed of ICO contracts

Gnosis had this great idea of stopping the artificial pressure on ICO’s with token discounts given to the first comers. The ICO is a great time to get community exchanges on slack on reddit about the project future, the team, […]

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Rockchain white paper released

Rockchain, the decentralized rule engine that puts data privacy at its core, released its white paper. Check it on www.rockchain.org . Abstract: Rockchain is a distributed rule engine based on Ethereum, Raiden, Docker and Kubernetes, focused on data privacy, auditability […]

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