In this paper, we introduce RockEngine Generic Privacy builder, a Boolean circuit compiler meant to be part of the RockEngine Generic Privacy Engine developed by Rockchain.org. The RockEngine Generic Privacy builder is a complete garbled circuit generator that will be used in particular on the public network of Rockchain.org to perform Secure Function Evaluation on private dAppBoxes nodes.

The RockEngine Generic Privacy builder aims at being simple to use while providing performances comparable to state-of-the-art compilers which are currently developed for research purposes. It will be completed by other applications to perform garbling or execution of the system. Nonetheless, the RockEngine Generic Privacy has not been created to be used solely inside Rockchain’s distributed infrastructure. It provides various features, and the circuits produced could easily be used by any developer, scientist or researcher. Its scripting language simplicity and genericity (JavaScript) abstracts all the difficulties of secured multipart computation circuits’ designs away.


Rockchain provides a second layer infrastructure on top of the Ethereum Blockchain, enabling data privacy on top of Ethereum, either by controlling access rights to distribute data, on each document which fields can be publicly disclosed, in computations what results can be broadcasted. Its technical distributed infrastructure is made of the DappBox, a BENCHMARKING COMPUTATION ON PRIVATE DATA AGAINST OTHER OPEN SOURCE FRAMEWORKS distributed file system, the RockEngine, whose abilities to perform computations on private data are described in this paper, and the DashRock, a real time reporting solutions on Ethereum smart contracts.